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This is a series that will help you to step into the reality of being in a loving relationship with your specific person. This series is for those who are having trouble manifesting their specific person through meditation because of limiting beliefs that they have. This series will take you step by step slowly tearing down your limiting beliefs and help you leap into the loving relationship that you desire. 

This series was birth through working with clients and realizing that going from their specific person ignoring them to being a loving relationship was a giant leap for them in their mind. It is like if a person went from being poor to being a billionaire overnight. It is virtually impossible for anyone to believe that that would happen to them so all doubts would come creeping in. So, I would have to slowly inch them into releasing those doubts so that they can start to break down those barriers keeping their manifestation out. 

The series is a quantum leap from not seeing your specific person at all to being in a relationship with them. The course uses a series of meditations that unblock your limiting beliefs and takes you from no contact to relationship. There are 7 meditations that you do and you focus on each meditation until that goal is reached and then you move to the next meditation. 

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